Committed to the innovation and industrialization of degradable metal biomaterials and their implanted medical devices

Suzhou Origin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in 2010. We have committed to the innovation and industrialization of biodegradable magnesium biomaterials and implanted medical devices. We have carried out close industry-university-research cooperation with dozens of domestic universities, research institutes and hospitals. We also have undertaken a number of provincial and municipal Science and Technology Projects and   National Key Research and Development Program. Till now, many papers and   patents are published. Our first core product, biodegradable magnesium clip, is approved as NMPA innovative medical devices (No.: 201800018). The clinical trials have been kicked off and product registration is in progress. Now, several products are already on sale.

We obtained ISO13485, the International Standadization Organization's Quality Management System Certification. Our 10, 000 and 100, 000 grade clean workshops and other facilities are in accordance with GMP critria. We have comprehensive platform and professional team of extrusion, device design, precision manufacturing and measurement.

Family Company

Wholly-owned Subsidiaries:

Changshu Microtube Technology Co., Ltd.

Specialized in the production, sales and service of high precision metal pipes and parts for minimally invasive interventional medical devices

Shanghai Junmei Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Specialized in research, development, and marketing of medical devices

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